10 Ways To Improve Your Digital Strategy In 2019

From optimizing your website to forming engaging email campaigns, we’ve put together 10 tips that can take your digital strategy to the next level.

If you are looking to build an effective digital strategy that is both manageable and delivers results, you will need to invest time, and resources. Often, it’s about understanding the balance between what works for your team and what works for your audience. 

From social media to search optimization, we compiled a guide that can help you strengthen your digital strategy for the year ahead. Take a look below and find out what you want to focus on to strengthen your digital strategy.

1. Re-iterate your current online strategy

Before you can move your digital strategy forward, it’s important to analyze your current goals and achievements, if possible in analytical measurement, and the goals you want to achieve going forward.

What are your goals, and how will you achieve them? Sit down with your team and determine your goals, a corresponding timeline to achieve set goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s). Once you have your goals set you can match them to your budget and how much of this budget you can allocate to growing your online presence.

Next, figure out what market segments you want to grow. Are your interests in reaching a new audience or do you want to strengthen the ties with your existing audience, do you want to reach new markets or improve your visibility in your local market? Answering these questions will help you figure out what you should invest in and put you on a path to growth and success.

2. Analyze and improve your social media strategy

It’s important that your strategy changes with how your audience uses different social platforms. Because of the fluent nature and shifting paradigms of social media usage, it can happen that your entire strategy needs to change on the drop of a dime. New futures such as Instagram’s IGTV could be a valuable showcasing tool of your artist portfolio or upcoming events.

So, your first step would be to review your social media profiles. Research the social media usage of your audience, both with existing buyers as well as new audiences that you want to reach out to. Second, see which features are most used within these platforms, live streaming on Instagram, facebook groups? It’s always important to remember that you need to be where your audience is active, rather than the other way around.  

Finally, plan and review your posts. Make note of what’s performing well with your audience (receiving likes, comments, and shares), and what isn’t. Ideally, your content should be informative and visually captivating in order to get higher engagement. If you want to learn more about how to best use social media for your upcoming strategy, have a look at our SEO guide for Art Enterprises.

3. Use Instagram’s story for education purposes

One of the best ways to engage with your audience is to become a hub of knowledge. Whether you share your knowledge via your own blog or medium or via social media before your audience buys into your services or your artists, they would want to know more about what their buying first. they would want to educate themselves so that they can make informed decisions about their purchases.

Instagram’s story highlights make it easy to curate content for education. Try organizing your highlights by category, such as “Press Highlights,” “New Shows,” or “Fair Booths.” This will allow your audience to become familiar with your art space or service without even having to scroll through the feed.

4. Content is King

Providing accessible, public-facing, educational information about your gallery, its artists, and its inventory is critical for your business’s success online.

The phrase, “content is king”, is still relevant in 2019. Every piece of content available on the internet today, whether it involves infographic, video or a blog post, contributes to the online presence of the website and the business that publishes them.

Content marketing is an excellent way to introduce your brand and create a personality for the world. Producing content that’s relevant, engaging and informative should be a priority. Not only that, but your content should reflect your brand’s core values and add value, too.

Google will always prefer high-quality content, which improves your website’s chances of being ranked better. By listing on the top of the search engine results page (SERP), you can enhance your online presence, increase your brand growth and traffic and attract more sales.

5. Provide a great customer experience

Since it is important to ensure that customers relate to your business with positive emotions and experiences, make sure to respond to customer queries quickly with honest and helpful information. Taking this simple step will ensure that current customers are happy, while also increasing their trust in your brand.

It is also important to ensure that your website is fast and easy to navigate, as this will elicit a better emotional response from visitors. Websites with faster loading speeds, intuitive navigation, and strong cross-platform functionality often produce the best user experiences.

Providing a great user experience will not go unnoticed by search engines. In fact, two of the most important search engine ranking factors in 2019 are website speed and responsive design (mobile-friendly design). Making sure that your website is fast and responsive is imperative for online success in 2019.

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6. Keep your content relevant

One of the primary functions of your website is to tell your and your artists’ stories. The next step is to make sure that the audience around the world who may not know your organization but are interested in the type of art you sell, or service you provide, can discover those stories.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine such as Google. You can improve your website’s SEO by updating its pages with the most recent show information to keep content fresh, and by using the words you want to rank for—your art space’s name, or your artists’ names—in your site copy.

Künstlr´s partners benefit from strong SEO. Simply upload your organization´s content, artists portfolio, and upcoming events, and Künstlr automatically creates beautiful, optimized pages designed to boost your own digital marketing efforts.

7. Engage your audience via e-mail

E-mail remains both an easy and effective way to engage your audience. There it’s important that any online strategy you built has a large focus on e-mail reach out. When setting up your e-mail/newsletter strategy, think about how your audience can be segmented, from collectors to artists to new art enthusiasts, so you can customize any e-mail to specific audiences. After you identified your audience make sure that you segment your messaging from promotion focused e-mail to sales related messaging. 

Make sure to include a sign-up portal on your website, and try collecting emails in-person by leaving a sign-up sheet at your gallery’s front desk or at your next fair booth. Already have an engaged Instagram audience? Encourage them to join your email list in your next post. 

8. Optimize your website for mobile

This may have been said countless times before, but a mobile-friendly website is crucial. People use their mobiles to conduct searches more than laptops, computers or tablets. The number of smartphone users is expected to grow to 2.87 billion by 2020, which means that mobile searches are only going to increase.

In addition to having a website that is visually attractive, it needs to be optimized to mobile devices, too. Mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor Google uses, so it’s crucial for SEO, also. You can check where you stand by using a mobile-friendly test tool that shows how Google Search views your pages.

9. Protect your customers’ data

With the staggering increase in cybercrime, and the rollout of the European GDPR regulation online businesses need to prioritize the protection of consumer data. 

Security firms’ publicity always highlights how simple it is for cybercriminals to gain access to your data and they’re not exaggerating. In fact, ransomware acts are growing by 350 percent annually, and 61% of breach victims in 2017 were small businesses with under 1,000 employees.

Due to its extent, governments are now stepping in to assist businesses. Customers need to know their information is safe with you, so establishing trust is crucial. Beef up on online security so you can promote yourself as a business that consumers are comfortable interacting with.

10. Get listed on web directories

Never underestimate the potential of web directories. Key directory sites allow businesses to generate more web traffic and reach their target audiences more efficiently. These help you rank at or near the top organically and are especially relevant to local searches.

The secret to gaining success with web directories lies with choosing the one that can add real value to your business. Such web directories not only promote themselves to site owners like yourself, but they advertise themselves to potential customers, too.

To start off, you can look into directories such as Bing Places, Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages where you could list your business.

Building a formidable online presence is, by no means, an easy task and businesses think they can get away with limited and unoriginal marketing strategies. If all this seems too complicated, you can always get the help of a company that specializes in small business branding.

With the expansion of the internet, competition is only going to grow. Following the strategies given above and investing time and resource will help you market your brand and create a robust online presence.

Have you tried any of these strategies before? Or do you have any other suggestions?

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