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Showcase To A World Of Art Lovers

Künstlr’s mission is to make the artworld accessible to artlovers from across the globe

Künstlr is a unique guide to the contemporary art scene, connecting artists, art professionals and enthusiasts with art spaces, services and events.


With Künstlr art spaces and services can always  use our free event listing service, Künstlr also offers access to it’s audience via integrated branding campaigns which includes on site Advertising spaces next to our promoted Listings, custom branded content campaigns via our newsletter and across our social media channels.  as well as branded offline partnerships for special projects. Branded campaigns can be bought separately or as a package. Learn more about our options below.

How can I advertise with Künstlr?

Brand Partnerships

At Künstlr, we partner with Art school and initiatives as well as commercial institutions to craft ad campaigns and branded projects that resonate with our target groups.

Impact First

We believe the best way to tell any story, including a story for your brand, is to put impact  first. We conceptualize our campaigns for the highest impact yield.

Quality Storytelling

We create integrated ad campaigns and story-rich advertisements and content pieces, with a top notch creative team.

Featured Partners


Can you keep my listings up to date?

We’ll keep it fresh with all your current listings for a small monthly subscription. Just provide us with the details and we’ll tailor your listings to attract the most attention. 

Which terms apply when I choose to advertise ?

All our terms and conditions concerning advertising with Künstlr can be found in our advertising Terms & Conditions

How does your audience look?

Künstlr’s engaged audience is made up of curators, artists, arts professionals and enthusiasts. Our rich, diverse database represents art organisations and venues in over 33 countries .

What are your rates ?

Please contact us at for current rates. Special rates apply for project spaces and non-profit art institutions.

Get in touch with our Ad Team and discover your possibilities!

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