5 easy steps to add your listing on Künstlr

First of all, AWESOME that you joined the Kunstlr family! In case you haven’t started listing anything yet, we’ve compiled a quick 5 step process on adding your first listing on Kunstlr. Let us know if we can improve this article  in anyway. You can also ask one of our team members on the chat button below or you can send us q quick mail with your feedback.



Add Your First Listing
Your journey with Künstlr starts by adding your first listing. You can find the button on the top right corner of the Menu bar on the top of every page next to your sign-up and registration button.


Choose Your Listing Type
Now you choose which type of listing you want tot add to the platform. You have the choice between listing your art space or a Show (e.g: exhibition, private viewing, vernissage)


Choose Your Package
Before you add your space or show details we would like for you to choose your free forever subscription with unlimited listings of shows and spaces or if you like to go for the Premium Version in case you like to sell tickets to your show or sell works of arts via your account and add an extra channel of sales.


Add Your Details
Now the fun part begins! Start adding your details of your space or show. the more information, the better your listing will look to art lovers from across the world. Note: Try to use Hi-res images for your cover image and gallery images to have a crisp and clear profile.


Review & Submit Your Listing
The time has come! Your listing is ready to publish. But before you do, make sure to check if all information is correct and your images are just right. But no worries, you can always change your listing in your account at any time.
Add Your First Listing !

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